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Bergey Awards
The Bergey Award
The Bergey Award is given in recognition of outstanding contributions to bacterial taxonomy.
1979Roger Y. Stanier
1980John L. Johnson
1981Morrison Rogosa
1982Otto Kandler
1983Carl R. Woese
1984W. E. C. (Ed) Moore
1985Josef De Ley
1986William H. Ewing
1987Patrick A. D. Grimont
1988Lawrence G. Wayne
1989Hubert A. Lechevalier
1990M. David Collins
1991Erko Stackebrandt
1992Wolfgang Ludwig
1993Wesley E. Kloos
1994Friedrich Widdel
1995Michael Goodfellow
1996Karel Kersters
1997Rosmarie Rippka
1998David A. Stahl
1999Barry Holmes
2000William B. Whitman
2001Lindsay I. Sly
2002Peter Vandamme
2003Peter Kämpfer
2004Rudolf Amann
2005Jean Paul Euzéby
2006David P. Labeda
2007Jürgen Wiegel
2018Jongsik Chun
2020Aharon Oren
2023Markus Göker
The Bergey Medal
Bergey's medal rearBergey's medal front
The Bergey Medal is awarded in recognition of outstanding and life-long contributions to the field of systematics of Bacteria and Archaea. Nominations may be submitted at any time to the Bergey's editorial office at [email protected]. Nominations should include a cover letter summarizing the candidate's qualifications, the significance of contributions to the systematics of prokaryotes, and their curriculum vitae.
Bergey's medal frontBergey's medal rear

1994R.G.E. Murray
1994Riichi Sakazaki
1994V.B.D. Skerman
1994Eyvind A. Freundt
1995Norbert Pfennig
1995Dorothy Jones
1995Norberto Palleroni
1996Thomas D. Brock
1996Marvin P. Bryant
1996John G. Holt
1996Emilio Weiss
1997Lillian H. Moore
1997Ralph S. Wolfe
1997George A. Zavarzin
1998Kjell Bøvre
1998Holger Jannasch
1998Julius P. Kreier
1998Peter H. A. Sneath
1999Wilhelm Frederiksen
1999James W. Moulder
1999Karl O. Stetter
1999Hans Trüper
2000Peter Hirsch
2000Hans Reichenbach
2000Eiko Yabuuchi
2001Joseph G. Tully
2001Floyd E. Dewhirst
2001E. Imre Friedmann
2002Don J. Brenner
2002Rita R. Colwell
2002Noel R. Krieg
2003Monique Gillis
2003Hans Hippe
2004David R. Boone
2005Richard W. Castenholz
2005Kazau Komagata
2006Klaus P. Schaal
2008Fergus Priest
2008James T. Staley
2009Karl Heinz Schleifer
2009Erko Stackebrandt
2011Michael Goodfellow
2011Zhiheng Liu
2011Ji-Sheng Ruan
2011James M. Tiedje
2018Fritz Widdel
2018Niall Logan
2019Peter Schumann
2020Michael Madigan
2020Daniel R. Brown
2020Paul DeVos
2020Martha E. Trujillo
2023William B. Whitman